Hyperchains development updates

Thinks your reply. I mean what does ‘coins’ here refer to? Is it ae or something else?

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The tokens on the particular hyperchain.


So hyperchains is a stand-alone project? Will hyperchains have its token? Can holders of AE be allocated to hyperchains tokens? Or how to get the hyperchains token? Will there be an ICO?

I don’t understand the relationship between The tokens on the particular hyperchain and ae coins. But if a new chain and new tokens are generated and cannot be empowered to ae tokens, this is really very unfair to ae holders. Please correct me if I understand it wrong, I am very worried.

It’s still to early to state the exact form of the “first hyperchain”.
What’s known for sure is that IF HC becomes a separate platform from AE mainnet then the first HC will start from the state of AE mainnet - your coins will get duplicated.

I can definitely state that we are planning 2 testnets without any value attached:

  • Private Testnet - an unstable testnet which might get taken down at any time - mostly for testing out our implementation
  • Public Testnet - an stable public testnet where we will invite people to test it out and we guarantee that we won’t nuke the state at will

How do we integrate the token economics of a new chain then?

For example for Hypersign we have planned to only release 75 million HID’s if the existing AE gets copied, the HID’s circulation will increase, right?

Or perhaps we can have a workaround and I don’t use the HID as the native :thinking:?

Why can’t we start Hyperchain from genesis block?


@gorbak25 btw any timeline for the staking dasboard ? I wanted to add in our roadMap

If you could tell me q1 or q2 next year that should be enough


We are planing an ICO actually. You can swap AE to ETH and then buy HID(Aex9) token
Or perhaps directly buy HID/AE


People who bought AE token lost a lot of money in the past, If new coins are issued, it is unfair to the holders of AE token. We hope AE team can listen to the opinions of the community like others mainstream coins such as BTC,ETH etc,and stop issuing new coins. Without the support of the community, it will be difficult for AE’s project to continue in the future.

You got it wrong, HID is not an official ico, it is a community project. The community should support as much as possible.

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The AE team should find ways to increase the value of AE token, so that AE’s projects will become better and better in the future.

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I think HyperChains would empower completely new use cases of the AE blockchain and this could drive the price up.

To me it is the other way around though: the important thing is that the network is utilised as much as possible and it is used as a platform for making everyday business. HyperChains are definitely a jump in that direction. Hopefully this would impact the price of the coin as well.


When will the hyperchain be finished? I can’t wait to use it.

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Could you please tell me what is the total amount of AE tokens issued?
With so little use at present, why not reduce the production or stop production?

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Update #9 [9 November - 13 November]

@radrow @erlmachinedev1.chain

  • BTC connector
    We made decent progress on connecting to BTC - progress can be tracked here: https://github.com/aeternity/aeconnector

  • CI fixes
    Some small fixes to our CI pipeline needed to be made: https://github.com/aeternity/aeternity/pull/3405

  • Consensus Engine
    Test mode consensus was introduced and our testing suite was refactored to use the new engine - due to the newly gained flexibility some test suites decreased their runtime 4 times. The test consensus will later be used for dev mode so developing aepps on AE will be a breeze. Moving block insertion and validation under the new engine is currently underway.

  • Erlscripten
    The main focus in this week was getting the Erlscripten compiler to a decent level of compatibility. Right now we made decent progress, we now support multiclause lambda expression, records and many more. We now have a proper CLI utility for transpiling existing erlang projects and a testing framework for testing the output of our transpiler. To be fully compatible we still need to implement 4 things - Binaries, Exceptions, Processes, ETS - Right now we started working on exception support and expect to finish it soon. Currently we managed to get a decent part of Erlang’s STDLIB working:

    And we are capable of properly executing not trivial code like:

    After exception and binary support is finalized we can start transpiling our existing codebase and start making changes in the ecosystem.


Great progress with Erlscripten! Congrats!


Yeah I am super excited to collaborate and run nodes in the test phase :smiley:


Update #10 [16 November - 20 November]

@radrow @erlmachinedev1.chain

  • BTC connector
    We currently are near finishing our trust-less connector module - we stated publishing commitment transactions on the BTC testnet. We revisited our protocol and optimized it for cost - an amendment to the current whitepaper will be made soon.

  • Consensus Engine
    During this week we made progress on refactoring block insertion to use the new consensus engine - the refactoring is still WIP and we expect to finish it next week.

  • Erlscripten
    Full support for Erlang exceptions was implemented. We fully support apply/3 apply/2 make_fun/3. TCO support was greatly improved - most(but still not all) tail recursive erlang functions now runs efficiently in javascript. We transpiled real tests from OTP and they actually execute properly:
    Initial process emulation is now in place:

    Next week we aim to implement the last missing pieces(binaries, ETS) which will allow us to start transcompiling our existing Aeternity codebase to Purescript.