Hyperchains development updates

Great work, looking forward to the January update, I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.


Merry christmas guys,

So excited for testing the hyperchains in the near future.

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Will hc airdrop to Ae holders?

Come on, believe you

Hello, @gorbak25 will there be an announcement on the delayed launch of Hyperchains? I’m afraid we can no longer follow the roadmap plan.


Hello, @gorbak25 @yani.chain at present, the price of bitcoin is close to US $40000. If the hyperchain chooses bitcoin as the parent chain, how much is the daily handling charge of bitcoin? How do you deal with this problem? The purpose of hyperchain is to maintain low cost. If bitcoin is used as the parent chain, the price is not cheap at present.

We are aware of the issue and it will be addressed in the updated whitepaper.

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Hello, shall we give up Bitcoin? But Ethereum is not cheap. I think if professional Bitcoin or Ethereum, no one is willing to be a node. If you do not choose Bitcoin and Ethereum, what is the significance of Hyperchain?

Is there a proposed solution to the issue, or are you just going mention it in the whitepaper?

Update #15 [01 Jan - 15 Jan]
@radrow @erlmachinedev1.chain

This is a fairly short update despite the time it took. The recent events - most importantly the recent 51% attack re-prioritized a lot of tasks and we were strongly focused towards:

  1. mitigating the attack
  2. improving the monitoring tools available in the AE community
  3. Designing a temporary solution for securing AE mainnet
  4. Coordinating with involved parties

Community fork:

To mitigate the recent 51% attack on the network we joined forces with the AE foundation maintenance team and we quickly developed a series of releases which then were applied to affected exchanges and miners. https://github.com/aeternity/aeternity/releases/tag/v5.6.3 We also provided a lot of support for involved parties.

Monitoring improvements:

In order to be better prepared for the future and to further empower the community we developed a series of new features tailored towards new analytic tools:

  • The node now can provide detailed statistics on the state of the network - a WIP frontend for it is already deployed
  • The node can now provide info on orphans/forks present in the local DB

Bitcoin integration

We focused heavily on cost optimization and found some interesting solutions to the problem at hand. Right now the Bitcoin integration is fully working.


AeBytecode was transpiled and is working, right now we focus on getting the Sopia compiler fully working. There were a lot of fixes here and unfortunately we encountered some blockers. We aim to wrap up this in the near future.


Yes, there are a lot of viable solutions on the table:

  1. Use a cheaper but just as secure chain - ETC? Litecoin?
  2. Delegates can optionally operate as payment gateways - the BTC fees are shared between various parties reducing the overall cost significantly.
  3. Increase the election interval.
  4. On hyperchains one might delegate stake to a delegate - staking pools might appear on the network.

  5. After we settle on a particular solution(or a mix) we will describe it extensively in the whitepaper.

Hello, is there a timetable for the new white paper?

Update #16 [18 Jan - 08 Feb]
@radrow @erlmachinedev1.chain

Here is an update for the past three weeks. A lot of work had been done and we touched a lot of areas.

51% attack postmortem - Hardening the network

It’s clear that due to the low hashrate of the network another 51% attack could happen at any point in time - to protect the network before deploying a long term solution(possibly Hyperchains) the ACF maintenance team hardened the node. Right now the newest version of the node finalizes transaction after 100 blocks(5h) regardless of the hashpower - making AE safe again for transacting.
We released 3 new nodes:

  • v5.7.0 (In-RAM finality after 100 blocks)
  • v5.7.1 (Compatibility fix which sneaked into v5.7.0)
  • v5.8.0 (Proper finality after 100 blocks - persistent after restarts)

51% attack postmortem - The community fork outmined the fork from the second 51% attack

On the 28th of January 2021 the community fork accumulated enough difficulty for pre v5.6.1 nodes to switchover to the community fork. No node in sight is on the fork of the attacker.

CI pipeline improvements

As the v5.7.0 release got broken by a simple preventable bug we improved our CI pipeline to catch such bugs early. Fortunately the effort was worth it as it caught issues with upcoming OpenApi 3.0 support.

Reporting tools for validators

In order for validators to operate a hyperchain they need to have insights on their spending, they need to be notified when their funds are running low, when they mined a block, etc… Aeconnector now supports reporting on your expenses and notifying you via various channels such as Telegram :slight_smile:

Possible migration of Ae Mainnet to a hyperchain

We designed a nice approach on switching over AE to use Hyperchain consensus - details will be placed in the upcomming whitepaper. The decision on this toppic will be made using a governance vote. Expect more details soon! Possibly you could soon become a delegate and gain rewards from staking :slight_smile:

Staking contract deployment and predeployment

The staking contract was nicely integrated with the node - what’s notable is that in the case of switching from PoW to HC, HC nodes will be backwards compatible until the staking contract accumulates enough economic security.

Staking contract UI

This is mostly WIP - the first version will be not elegant but will get the job done. We will later delegate this task to the Superhero team.

Hyperchain consensus and BTC

Right now we are aiming to get a basic version of the HC consensus fully operational. After that’s done and tested we will proceed to deploy the first testnet.

Hyperchain whitepaper V2

No progress on it so far - we first need to sort out lower hanging fruits before revisiting it.


The JS Sophia compiler works in 95% :slight_smile: We will soon publish a bigger article about it. Right now the project in a phase where the interface to Erlscripten is stable and the Superhero team started bundling it up. We made some upstream contributions to the purescript compiler - we are working on decreasing the stack usage and improve the quality of transpiled code.

Stay tuned for the next update!


Hi, developers. Is there any new progress? When will v6.0 release? @gorbak25


Are there rewards for staking? Binance smartchain seems to be very popular with liquidity providers earning rewards for their stake. We need something like this on Ae (like 1 inch on ETH or mcbase on BSC)

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Bsc is the ETH killer simply through lower fees, if a smart dev or devs could build something like bsc on aeternity hyperchains, it would be unstoppable, and we need to get aeternity on these new cross chain dex like zeroswap

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Staking contract UI

This is mostly WIP - the first version will be not elegant but will get the job done. We will later delegate this task to the Superhero team.

Where is the GitHub code for this? There’s also the contract call example, which I want to put in the boxaepp for the first time

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Stake Ae, earn Ae