Hyperchains development updates

Excuse me, is there any update here? @gorbak25

Sorry for the missing update. I took over from Grzegorz (@gorbak25) and completely forgot about those.

Update #18 [21 April - 10 June]

HC Private testnet

The testnet works and we are preparing documention for public consumption. Last month we have made a lot of improvements behind the scenes to our codebase. Lunching the testnet is now only a few commands on a Linux machine. Stay tuned for a big announcements with the instructions how to lunch a local testnet yourself.

Codebase improvements

We spend time improving our codebase. Our test suite is more extensive and we resolved some incompatiblities. Hyperchains were also updated to IRIS.

Article & Whitepaper

We wrote a “Hyperchains explained” article that has gone through internal review and hopefully you should start getting it in parts or as a big chunk shortly (it’s the responsibility of the marketing team now).

The v2 of Whiepaper is in the works and it should be published early next month (maybe sunner). We are also planning to do an AMA session and publish an explainer video in next weeks.


Hyperchains are at the stage where frontend developers will be able to to start working on the UI. We are currently in the boring process of: planning the work, defining how and what information will be presented to the user, arranging support for the wallets etc…


gorbak has stop work on hyperchain?


So I understand the concept of Hyperchains doesn’t require anything on the parent chain, but is there a way to pass info between chains using hyperchains?

Like when you use Ethereum, it would be really useful to have a way to also ingest data from Ethereum.