Hyperchains presentation by Ecosystem Lead Alex Casas at BlockchainUA 2021

æcosystem Lead Alex Casas @aelex held a presentation today about Hyperchains and how they will improve Bitcoin’s Proof of Work utility at BlockchainUA 2021 :bulb: :pushpin:


Can we just get this exchange thing sorted out first? LET INVESTORS SEE AE potential

good job;but this vedio I can not vister

I really need a white paper of hyperchain, thank you. @gorbak25

Did you have a look at the first release of the Hyperchains whitepaper already? https://github.com/aeternity/hyperchains-whitepaper/releases/download/1.0.0/whitepaper.pdf

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I want to know who gives the bitcoin miner’s fee and how to give it. According to the current mining output of AE, it is not enough to pay the bitcoin miner’s fee. If you know, please let us know that I didn’t find the answer in the first edition of the white paper. Thank you.


We are currently working on the 2nd version of the whitepaper. The commitment transactions were revisited and they are smaller than in the 1st version. Assuming current BTC and AE prices (or to be more precise the ones from few weeks ago when I updated the calculations), the AE block rewards could support ~10 validators each with 10% of total stake.

We are considering using a different blockchain for the parent chain to allow more validators and higher profit margins.