Hyperchains: publishing the whitepaper

Hi all,

After a lot of work being done, we announce the Hyperchains whitepaper. You can see it here:

It describes what we had been building for quite some time now and this is the result of a lot of research and development. The actual implementation is almost complete but at this state we can say the concept seems to be consistent and solid.

The concept can be polished and optimised even more but that could turn to be an endless pursuit and we do not want that. Any further changes would be considered to be a new version of the whitepaper.



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I can not find the updated whitepaper。Last whitepaper is 2020

You’re meant to compile it yourself but we will make a convenience release.

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I compiled it and uploaded it to BoxWallet’s OSS, which you can easily download and view


Great!I will carefully study it :grinning: