Hypersign POC demo for Aeternity community | Stage 1

Weekly Update

Next Week

  • Verifiable Presentation
  • implement DIDCOM (Websocket/WebRtc)
  • Passwordless Usecase.

@yani.chain, @dimitar.chain, @marco.chain, @milenradkov.chain, @uwigeroferlang.chain


Weekly update:

finished the first basic level integration and made a small explainer video.

Please share your feedback!

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nice progress! are you planning to support “per-service” DIDs so that for each service a separate DID can be used which is only known by the user and the service?


Hi Marco,

Yes, it’s actually inbuilt in the protocol level, but for this demo integration, we have not done it.



Weekly Update

We are currently focused on finishing the white paper and token model. At the initial stage, our token model is really simple.

Sharing some draft blogs from whitepaper feedbacks is welcome.

  1. HID [HypersignID]: Token Utility
  2. HID [HypersignID] : Token Model
  3. HID: Token Pre-Sale details (Contact me personally :smiley: )


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Weekly Update

:notebook:We did a detailed analysis of the recent hack of bigbasket.com, here is the blog (LINK)

:rocket: Demoed concept of Hypersign to two customers this week. including CTO of Bigbasket.

:money_mouth_face:ICO Private sale discussion on the final stage

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Could you please tell us that AE tokens are so cheap,so many ,and used so little at present.Why still issue new tokens HID?

This project is different from AE brother it just uses the blockchain. Its good that we are doing the ICO which means new members will use our product that internally uses AE

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Can you make it run with AE tokens as well.

Hi Winfield,

The Hypersign ID uses Aeternity blockchain, so to use Hypersign you would need AE tokens to pay gas fees, Even when we have our own network we will be using AE for security hence we will have to buy AE tokens for making commitments to the network.


Weekly Update

:video_camera: Two minutes explainer video for developers and product guys LINK

:notebook: Detailed blog: “Privacy-Preserving Social Login” LINK

:rocket: New partnerships proposals sent to some SSI projects.

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