Hypersign POC demo for Aeternity community | Stage 1

Hi All,

As you all know we (Hypermine) are part of AeVentures star-fleet program .

We have planned to launch our project Hypersign Protocol as a layer 2 network on top of AE mainet via Hyperchains.
Hypersign will be the first Self Sovereign implementation on AE.

Now we are ready to show a demo to community of our POC of Stage 1.

Hence we request everyone who is interested to please comment bellow and we can schedule perhaps a Superhero meet-up on this.

The project in general is divided in following stages.

Stage 1
Proof of concept of SSI implementation using javascript middleware/sdk .

At this stage the Registry will still be on database(postgress)

Stage 2
Testnet deployment via Sophia smart contract.

In this stage we will launch the existing middleware with the Sophia smart contracts on the existing Aeternity test-net. Also we will see integration with Superhero Wallet from here.

Stage 3
Deployment on AE main network

Point to note here is the the owner of the SSI smart contracts will still be Hypermine as a company. And this is what we want to solve in future. At this stage we will be similar to UPORT protocol on ethereum .

Stage 4
Making the smart contracts as the default features of Hyperchain by forking it from the Aeternity project. And releasing it as a Hybrid (Pow+POS) network.

At this stage the SSI feature becomes universal as part of the network and Hypermine is no longer owner of the smart contract private keys. Its the optimal solution where we want to reach.

Here we will be similar to projects such as Soverin, Ontology etc.

Please do let us know your thought’s and criticism .
@uwigeroferlang.chain @milenradkov.chain @dimitar.chain @gorbak25 @hanssv.chain @erlmachinedev1.chain @marco.chain


Hi @Vikram

No criticism on my end, on the contrary: the plan sounds solid. I think it is great that it is to be built on top of hyperchains and having a Superhero Wallet integration is really important for usability. Looking forward to see the progress there :slight_smile:


I love the idea of SSI in general and support all of your efforts. questions that come to my mind:

  • what’s the “business model”?
    • will it cost to companies/individuals to register their identity?
    • will issuing on-chain credentials cost anything?
  • what are the general “economics” of your hybrid network?

for me personally I think it is crucial to build wallets, SDKs and tools for SSI that are blockchain agnostic. for DID communication you should definitely follow the progress and development of Hyperledger Aries. handling and storing off-chain credentials will also be very important.

the “golden unicorn” for all of that is a key-recovery solution for wallets of individuals and/or companies. from what I have found so far keyless.io is one of the most promising projects to deliver that. maybe you can get in touch with them :wink:

at the end I want to have ALL of my documents, access cards, certifications, … handled by ONE wallet and this should also be used to login, sign transactions, … that would be awesome! :smiley:


Totally agree with @marco.chain

I love to see that SSI also receives attention in the aeternity space.

I also like to see a ledger agnostic communication layer and also agree that hyperledger Aries is the de facto standard protocol. Also the DIDComm standard developed by the identity foundation is reusing many specifications already made by Aries.

I would also be quite interested into the business model and how you plan to reward network operators.


@marco.chain , @icarus

First of all thank you for your inputs and queries. Please get the following replies:

Disclaimer: My answers can be very naive at this point of time specially related to business and will subject to change as we dig more deeper.

  • will it cost to companies/individuals to register their identity?

As we know this system consist of 3 actors. Issuer, Holder and Verifier. And with the principle of blockchain any one (individual or a company) can take any responsibility. The cost of registering a DID would only be the gas fee of that network. An individual can onboard themselves just by using wallet.

  • will issuing on-chain credentials cost anything?

So, normally credentials does not have to go on blockchain - hence no network fee is involved - and can be issued in private to the subject. The only case where verifiable credential (not the real data ofcourse) will sit on chain if the credential is revocable in that case network fee is required.

Note: cost of backup service like providing cloud infra etc. may not be taken care by protocol and that responsibility will be given to organization (mostly issuer org for example superhero.com). In that case they can charge for the cloud service. if they want.

  • what are the general “economics” of your hybrid network?

Any org (mostly issuer org) will have to anchor a node by staking certain amount. with that, they will get all of the services (like hypersign studio portal to manage credentials), tools, sdk free of cost. Further more they can also participate in voting and can earn tokens.

Note: economic part is not completely thought through. We are first figuring out the tech and will start working on the whitepaper.

  • Why not Aries?

We are not against any tech as long it solves problem. But since we are in very initial stage we wanted to have indepth understanding of SSI and W3C DID specification. For that we gone through it and implement a POC for the stage one of this project. Now that we are confident with the specification and protocol, we may concider aries and will see how we can leverage that.

Not sure if I have missed anything.



Thanks for the detailed insights.

I think it is essential to have no additional costs on top of DID registration/anchoring is essential.

Regarding the credential part: Since this should not be on-chain there will be no fees. However, some issuers may want to charge the requesting holder. May you can try to evaluate if Aeternity State Channels can be used to provide a payment against delivery flow without exposing credential data (this is essential since some credentials contain private data which should not go into any ledger for privacy reasons)


@marco.chain and @icarus

Actually we welcome your inputs on token economic as well. Since we have deeply involved with the tech side we might be weak at the economic model. So community suggestions are welcome.

Thank you

Ae State channel is already into consideration. I have also exposed two RPCs on state channel and currently in discussion to raise PR.


Great to hear state channel are considered for this.

Great I could share useful feedback. Since I work in the SSI space for some years now I’m always happy to share feedback. Don‘t hesitate to get in touch.


yeah I think this will be the most tricky part. unfortunately I can’t really advise in that regards. but I think you should keep the barrier low for all actors and if you think you really need to introduce a token it should make sense.

Yeah man once we reach stage 2 .

We will start working on the whitepaper, and with superhero team together we can really have good brainstorming sessions on our POS token model . So excited to bring this to life honestly :smiley:


Indeed. We are glad finally we have someone from AE community involved in SSI.

I think a superhero community call is needed for SSI on AE :smiley:

Sure just let me know and we can discuss how I can support you guys. Same if you need help with the whitepaper. We can also discuss if I can also provide input there.


@vishwas_hypermine @Vikram I have few queries while as you are using the SSI model.

  1. How are you handling the key recovery mechanism, what if I loose my DID , how it can be recovered ?
  2. Is there something related to images also , like with the DID details , I also want to present my image as a verification ?
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Hi Sumit,

Thanks for putting out this question,

We are in very initial phase of the development, as you can see only Stage 1 is finished and it still runs in DB, We are focused on finding the Product Market fit at the moment, But your question is valid.
In our research we found out that for Enterprise scenario the DIF suggest using Cloud as User Agent.

Meaning their will be a DKMS (decentralize key management) system that will hold issuer’s pvt key, You cannot expect a ticket booking platform to sign every time manually using wallet. So it will have standard recovery mechanism provided by DKMS systems.

So for this we were thinking to attach hash of IPFS in the DID document. maybe @vishwas_hypermine can comment.

Hope i answered your question


:building_construction: Last week was really constructive, we released our docker containers for a seamless deployment environment.
:link: https://github.com/hypersign-protocol/hypersign-docker




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:blue_book: Initial discussion on white paper and ICO initiated .

:building_construction: Refactor SSI sdk.

:link: Detailed weekly pow : https://twitter.com/hashtag/hidpow2


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:moneybag: Token name finalized: $HID


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  • Security analysis of Hypersign Servers and Docker containers by a community member.

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