I can't find my AENS

I registered a lot of domain names in my base aepp , but only 12 can be displayed in the "names" list,  no other domain names can be found.For example,  I successfully registered "thank you. Chain" , but couldn't find it in the "names" list.
At the same time, there were 78 accounts in the account list. But after upgrading the latest version of base aepp, there are only 54.
Please tell me how to solve it,thank's a lot.


@LiuShao.chain 谢谢大佬,上面的问题你能解决吗。

@bruteforce.chain can help you here.

@albena.chain How can I get in touch with @bruteforce.chain

Milen will get back to you here when he’s available.

@albena.chain Thank you. Nice girl

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Have you extended the names? Are you sure they did not expire?

Can you also DM me the names to investigate this further?

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Milen, who do the domains expire? what is the expiration date on each of them?

@bruteforce.chain Please help me to investigate one of the domain names “thankyou. Chain” ,I confirm that I have successfully registered for less than 100 days, , but can’t find it in the “name” list .




@LiuShao.chain 但我在我的base aepp里的“names”列表里却没有找到这个域名的存在,不能进行操作。就是说我注册了18个域名,但在"names"列表里只能找到12个。此外,原来有以ak_开头的74个账户,现在只能列出54个。


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Its 50000 blocks after the registration. If one wants to continue using a name they own - they need to extend it before it expires.

@Albert 谢谢,我试着链接https://base.aepps.com/,但扫码后出现下面这个图,链接不了啊。反复重做都不行。

This name was registered by ak_2gvTke65GSGcidiD2DdwLbDz4V3mQCuKjpjT9qpYMQszBgWFA4

and expires at block 245018 - so should still be active. If you are the owner of the account ak_2gvTke65GSGcidiD2DdwLbDz4V3mQCuKjpjT9qpYMQszBgWFA4 you should see it in your names list.


@bruteforce.chain I confirm that I registered for thankyou.chain, but I can’t see it in the “names” list.

Which wallet do you use and which version?