I don't get incoming connections

Hi there,
I just set up my first aeternity node, using docker, on Ubuntu. The node started successfully and is synchronizing with the mainnet, but I don’t get incoming connections. What I see is:

[info] Peer connections outbound: 10/10, inbound: 0/100
[info] Connection accept failed - aead_chacha20poly1305_ietf_decrypt_failed was from <<"x.x.x.x">>

I have opened port 3015 in my firewall and confirmed the it works on the machine that is running docker using

nc -zv $(curl -s https://api.ipify.org) 3015

I can’t test it from within the docker image, because no nc is available there…
I start the image with

docker run -p 3015:3015 -v /data/:/data -v ~/aeternity.yaml:/home/aeternity/node/aeternity.yaml   aeternity/aeternity

and my aeternity.yaml looks like this: https://pastebin.com/5YSAcdt6

The log doesn’t show any warnings or errors…
Any ideas?

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