I have one question about epoch.yaml configuration!

    # Number of blocks before inactive TXs are garbage collected
    tx_ttl: 256
    # Number of blocks before invalid (TTL or low nonce) TXs are garbage collected
    invalid_tx_ttl: 5
    # Mempool (re-)synchronization interval (in ms)
    sync_interval: 1800000
    # Maximum nonce offset accepted
    nonce_offset: 5
    # Maximum nonce accepted when pubkey is not present in state
    nonce_baseline: 1

What if I don’t set the mempool, What will happend?

    # Port used for external HTTP API
    port: 3013
    # The external listen address should be publicly accessible
    # Timeouts in milliseconds
    request_timeout: 1000
    # Less than request_timeout
    connect_timeout: 100
    # Number of acceptors in server pool
    acceptors: 10

And what’s the default value of acceptors if i don’t set it.


It seems you are getting this information from the file that actually shows you the default values.


Yeah, but when i set the acceptors some value, it will can’t start the node, when use ./bin/epoch check_config epoch.yaml it will got error:

If acceptors set 10, is that mean ten connect allowed to the node ?
Thank you!


The default number of acceptors is 10. If you don’t configure it you get 10. If you want to change the configuration, make sure not to break the layout of the yaml-file, it is layout sensitive, and tabs are not spaces.

The number of acceptors is the number of simultaneous TCP-connections that it can do accept for. I.e. just the socket accept operation (takes a few microseconds only so 10 is most likely more than enough). The number of simultaneous connections/requests it can handle is configured elsewhere but I don’t remember where at the top of my head…