I’m new here - Where should I share a cool aeternity adoption directory I built?

I’ve built a nice geodirectory platform of businesses around the globe accepting Crypto, and I’ve created a nice interactive geodirectory of businesses accepting aeternity as payment. Crypto-friendly businesses will definitely want to be listed on my website (which is free and takes about 5 minutes). What and where is a non-spammy way for me to share it here? I don’t want to get banned for sharing a link here…



You mean this? :slight_smile:

Yes! That’s my website, where did you find it?


I’ve seen it a while ago on reddit, thanks for sharing this with us! :smiley:

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Yep, do you work for Aeternity?

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Sure! Would you like to present yourself more to the community? Maybe we can collaborate on more projects :slight_smile:

Sure, I’ve actually got a bit of proposal to make, I’ll run it past you.

My site has several hundred business listings, mostly small businesses. Might Aeternity be willing to invest $1000 worth its crypto to drive adoption and awareness of the coin? I’d offer $50 worth of your crypto to the first 20 businesses that competed a few steps like…
Sign up for an Aeternity wallet.
Mention on their website and social media that they accept your coin.
Get on your newsletter/follow on social media.


Interesting, I suggest you send your complete proposal to me via PM so we can discuss some more details :slight_smile: