I migrated my Tokens in P2, but they dont appear on my ledger?

Hello Aeternity Team,

did I make a mistake? I migrated my tokens in P2 and it shows that it was successfull, but did the fork happen yet? Because my ledger shows my balance as 0.

My Adress is: ak_6KLxWKHJ3oduKyZNRawTmon6rgpyyHvCu2vn1omoZL7wnhHtp


AE1|523x500 AE2

The fork happened on June 5. I looked your address up on the block explorer and it shows a balance, nice bag by the way. So I don’t know why it is showing you a balance of 0 on your ledger. But I think your tokens are safe, sit tight and someone will work this out soon I hope.

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I hooked up my ledger to the base aepp and it is displaying my tokens correctly so it is probably not a display problem with base.aepps. I had to try multiple times to get past the confirm address stage but that is a separate issue.

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Yes, part of your tokens will become available after the scheduled September hardfork. The rest is there: