I want to build an ae pool

I want to build an aeternity pool, but I don’t find any tutorials on github. It would be nice if the team could provide a set of open source code and tutorials. thank you!

Hello! There is a beta version of the stratum server that is implemented together with the aeternity node. Unfortunately there is no detailed tutorial yet. Hopefully you find this description helpful: https://github.com/aeternity/aeternity/blob/master/docs/stratum.md

Thank you . I’ll keep trying . hope It’s working

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I have built the mine pool successfully, but now I need a aestratum_client in windows.It would be nice if the team could provide it

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Can you share your experience with building and running it. Maybe even write a tutorial. That would be super nice for the community.


The computational power is too low, and the bifurcation has to be delayed!! There’s no official solution? Increasing mining incentives alone will only make miners sell more tokens!!!

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