Identity Standard

I’d like to propose an identity standard for AEternity

We created an Ethereum legally binding ID in Brazil by partnering with Certisign, the largest CA of the country

The project started as this POC on ETHBuenosAires and we were one of the winners of the Hackaton

We created it using EIP/ERC 1078, 1077, 735, 725
Those standards were used as the foundation for

Alex Van de Sande assisted us in the creation of our product and is keen on pushing this idea further onto other blockchains

I think that the main value proposition besides having and ID with claims on it, is the UX that can be created by leveraging meta-transactions. Users can use the blockchain without having to understand it, all you need to do is remember your AENS address and authorise it on another device, the same way 2factor authentication implementations already works.

Any AEPP could leverage it to streamline the sign-in/up on boarding process, the service we created for example, would pay for all the gas cost of the transactions, so the user wouldn’t even have to ever hold any ETH.

Please let me know if it makes sense for AEternity and if you are interested
Our background is on


Hey @gabrielo, thank you for this proposal.

@milenradkov.chain or @philipp.chain, do you have an opinion on that?

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