Import BIP39 mnemonic into cli aepp?

I migrated my AE tokens from the ERC20 chain to the mainnet with the Airgap Vault app, and I didn’t touch them since the migration. I understand the Airgap Vault hides the private key, and that the 24-word BIP39 memonic is the backup in case I lose the device where my Airgap Vault is installed.

There are several reasons why I would like to have access to my existing AE account with other means than the Airgap Vault and Wallet, without having to move my tokens to another address.

First, as a Linux command line fan, I trust CLI wallets more than fancy GUI wallets, so I played around with aepp-cli-js and I like it. However, it’s not possible to import a BIP39 mnemonic into that wallet.

Second, I like to move around my tokens as little as possible. Of course I could move all my tokens from Airgap to a new wallet, but prefer to keep them where they are.

Third, I don’t like the idea that I’m dependent on one wallet manufacturer. Yes, I think there’s another GUI wallet available where you can import the BIP39 seed, but still, I prefer the CLI wallet.

I found a non-AE-specific javascript form that transforms a BIP39 mnemonic into extended private and public keys and I also discovered what the derivation path is for Aeternity, but after that I’m stuck, none of the generated derived addresses seem to correspond with the actual AE address after conversion from hex to base58.

It would be nice if aepp-cli-js offered an option to import the BIP39 mnemonic of an account.

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I agree and forwarded this to our team :slight_smile: