[Important] Playground IDE will be deprecated ASAP

Hello Everyone!

Today we had an internal meeting to discuss which way we should take on while talking about AEternity IDE’s. Being more than a year as of today, since Aeternity came Live, we now have 3 integrated development environments - Playground IDE, Contracts AEpp & Fire editor.

After careful consideration, we came up to the conclusion that maintaining 3 IDE’s is rather time-consuming. We have more developers involved in the process, doing in a way pretty much equal functionalities spread into 3 different areas, rather than helping each other.

In leaping to such a conclusion we have decided that now is the time to stop supporting all of them, and eventually come up with one well supported, documented, and kept up to date with the latest enhancements of the node, and many other features in due course.

The first step of the process is to deprecate the Playground IDE as soon as possible.

Our main goal as of now on is to propagate the Fire editor as our main choice. Currently, however we still need to do some more improvements on the way. Аs soon as the Fire editor catch up with the latest features of the contracts ide, the contracts ide will be deprecated as well. It is expected that this will take place in a month.

We remain on your disposal for any further queries coming by.

Stay tuned!


please take a look at https://studio.ethereum.org/ when focusing on providing a powerful browser IDE


Definitely, we will take a look, feature requests are welcome too!

Thank you very much for the writeup!

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What a slight, seemingly unnoticeable but still really subtle difference it makes to the UX to have a compiler that runs in the browser :sneezing_face::sleepy:I’ll have to trick the hell out of things to achieve a similar feeling, but no worries, we’ll cover it all and will have even way more amazing things.


where can we add feature requests?

There you go: [Update No. 2 October] Fire Editor Release: The easy to use Web-IDE for sophia!