[IMPORTANT] Release 2.2.0 features backward incompatible changes

Hello everyone!

We’d like to inform you that the upcoming release (2.2.0) will contain backward incompatible database schema changes related to the “Epoch node -> aeternity node” renaming effort. There are no other backward incompatible changes in that release.

Release 2.2.0 will contain a migration script and documentation for easier upgrading. The script needs to be run manually once the node source code is updated in order to use the old database.

While running the migration script automatically by the node was an alternative option, we decided to keep that step manual to ensure database consistency and reduce the risk for corrupting the database.

Suggested upgrade steps:

  1. Stop the node
  2. Update the node
  3. Run the migration script
  4. Start the node

More details can be found in the release notes for Release 2.2.0

We apologise for the inconvenience in advance. The team will be available here in this topic to help and answer any related questions.

All the best!
The AE Dev Team