Important! The official node stopped

Important!!! The official node stopped

Now all Chinese communities using base aepp cannot transfer money or receive money

The link seems to be working perfectly.

It’s back up, but it stuck. Height stuck at 121562

Doesn’t seem stuck to me

You can compare the official one to mine. they seemed to be in sync.

I’m sorry to tell you, but your phone is using the cache. Try opening it in “incognito” mode.

Recently I had a similar issue with a balance of a guy that had a problem with Base app: for me, it was working fine but for him, sdk-mainnet was returning an outdated value.

It looks like cache issue to me as well.

It seems you’re still routed to the old nodes that run v3.0.1 which is indeed stuck at block 121562 (because of BC breaks).

I tried few tools that does global DNS resolution and all shows China as OK. Perhaps it is local user issue.

It can be debugged by running:

dig +noall +answer +nocmd

Also should show version v4.0.0 instead of v3.0.1