🔔 Important Update for Aeternity Community

:bell: Important Update for Aeternity Community

A major update is coming, and the future of Ceres is in your hands, decided through a community vote.

What’s Happening?

The Ceres Update offers a pivotal moment for Aeternity. Passing it allows the Aeternity Foundation to open voting on the future direction of the Blockchain Reward Initiative (BRI). Currently, the BRI directs 10% of mining fees to support the Foundation’s work.

A successful Ceres vote will allow the community to vote on the future of BRI, potentially reallocating rewards to miners as a direct incentive for contributing to the AE network’s health and growth.

Your Role?

This is your chance to influence the allocation of mining fees and directly benefit from your contributions to the network. The outcome could enhance your rewards for maintaining and improving the AE network.

Take Action!

Your vote is crucial. Decide on the impact of the Ceres update on your mining rewards.

Vote Now - Visit the Governance App to cast your vote on this significant change.

:link: Home - Governance Aepp

Don’t miss this opportunity to shape the future of Aeternity. Your participation matters! :handshake:

QRT: https://x.com/aeternity/status/1777693707917009031 or reference CERES VOTE on Forum.

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