IMPORTANT UPDATE - Please read if you are running an Epoch node or mining


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Please tell us how we can check if the port is open correctly.


With the node running, you can use a service like to test if the port is reachable!


I have more than one computer behind my home router. For Storj I set up a different port for each computer. E.g. Rig-01 listened on 4201, Rig-02 on 4202, etc. Do I need to do the same for AE mining? Or can all computers on my home network listen on the same port???


It’s much easier if You use different ports per node/rig, and don’t forgot to forward the correct ports to the correct node IP address in your router config


Check the Port Check section of documentation on configuration. Also you may want to check the whole section on configuring p2p network that also covers how to configure network with several nodes behind one router or firewall (cc @Aurum).


I am a network administrator, I can set up something as complex as multibranched, homologated, over multiple and load balanced links between offices and locations.

I know how to open a port to the world and know if the port is open from the world.

Thiis still doesn’t answer my quesiton.

How can I check (inside epoch) if the node is properly open or not?!


In reading that Configure doc again it raised another question. What to do about the other 3 ports??? They stay the same for all nodes on my network or each has to be unique like the sync port??? E.g.,
Node 01:
sync: port: 3001
http: external: port: 3101
internal: port: 3201
channel: port: 3301
Node 02:
sync: port: 3002
http: external: port: 3102
internal: port: 3202
channel: port: 3302
Node 03:
sync: port: 3003
http: external: port: 3103
internal: port: 3203
channel: port: 3303

If it’s like this then I may exceed the number of port forwarding rules my router allows. (Good excuse to buy a better router.)


Maybe it is time to set up a bigger router, something like a linux box that redirects everything and handles dhcp maybe?

Also, you can make do with only having the sync port be external. All other ports (api ports, debug ports, websocket ports) are not really used right now for the nodes to be able to mine or connect. (* Confirmation required, I am guessing from what i have seen)


@Kryztoval How does this impact people on a 3G connection (problem with unique IPV4s ) ?


It shouldn’t impact you, except for speed in gossip protocol.


to check which port my machine is listening:

lsof -Pnl +M -i4

or / and

$ netstat -nat | grep LISTEN

or / and

$ netstat -tulpn | grep :<port>

#Linux build in firewall

allow a port ‘ACCEPT’

$ /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport <PORT_NUMBER WITHOUT <> SET HERE > -j ACCEPT

if you want to close it just replace ACCEPT with DROP
$ service iptables save


Can it be made simple and foolish?


Why not use upnp .!?!?


Just for thread completeness, UPnP/NAT-PMP has been implemented since 1.3.0