Inauguration of a new Aeternity Developer's community in University of science and technology Ondo state(Tech meetup)

OSUTECH Aeternity Blockchain Developer’s community had their first informal meetup by Shittu Olumide and my humble self. I inaugurated a team for the smooth running of the developers ecosystem in the University.

(The new inaugurated team)

• In order to educate their peers on Blockchain technology and it usecases.
• Growing the ecosystem by organizing meetups, workshops on how to build on the blockchain.
• Connections too

My goal is to make sure we keep improving the blockchain space, thereby building in all capacity for mass adoption of this technology.

During the meetup, we had introductory classes to:

• Cryptocurrency and the present economy.
• Centralized and decentralized.
• The ABC’s of Crypto.
• What’s Blockchain technology.
• Aeternity blockchain 101.
• Sophia programming language.

We had developers, graphics designers and entrepreneurs, we all shared ideas and thought of new usecases of blockchain, and while previous usecases were worked upon.

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Is ae still valuable? I really don’t understand what i’m doing. Getting lower and lower

@beijing Now that you think AE has no value in investment, why not sell AE. If you want, you can sell AE. The forum is used for technical discussions, and here I see the ecology of AE flourishing. The supremacy of technology is the purpose of AE. If you do not agree with this view, please do not make noise here.

Its technology is too valuable in the blockchain space, price will bounce back, are you here for the technology or the money?
Please not here please

Shouldn’t technology be proportional to value? what are you doing for? Aren’t we investors for value?

It should be, that’s why we are building and making the technology better, sorry about that, I know how you feel

@beijing It has been stressed many times that this is not the place to discuss prices. Please do not make noise. If you really want to discuss the price, please go to the special telegram group.

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@beijing We’ve commented already on several occasions why we don’t discuss price here in the Forum.

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