Integrating Shieldy in our community telegram group

Hi All,

We are getting high number of Bots attacking our Aeternity telegram group. Due to this, we are unable to delete all the spammers.

I suggest we incorporate shieldy looks like it’s open source.

@milenradkov.chain @yani.chain

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Maybe you should tag somebody who is admin and has admin permissions for that group?


If its the main ae group then only yani can add new bots as they need to be made admin.


Thænks for this @Vikram! I just made the config in a testing group and it is ready to be added in the group to filter out bots and welcome those who pass the captcha with links to the forum and Superhero. As @Whyarewehere42.chain correctly points out, I can’t just do it myself, but if @yani.chain just adds Shieldy as an admin ( @shieldy_bot ) I will immediately throw the config to kick out the bots.

language: en
captchaType: button
timeGiven: 30
adminLocked: true
restrict: true
noChannelLinks: true
deleteEntryMessages: true
greetsUsers: true
customCaptchaMessage: true
strict: true
deleteGreetingTime: 0
banUsers: true
deleteEntryOnKick: true
cas: false
underAttack: false
noAttack: false
buttonText: No bots æround
allowInvitingBots: false
skipOldUsers: false
skipVerifiedUsers: false
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Shieldy is up and running in the telegram group! thænks @Vikram and @yani.chain

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Hell yeah! :+1:

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