Interoperability and Aeternity

Hi Everyone,

I want to ask to the dev team if they are interested in interoperabilty with other projects. I recently met someone from Waves and they asked me if we would like to do it.

I guess " its easier to talk about it than to do it" but I really think that its something that puts the project in scene again, some people just heard about Aeternity ICO being very sucessful and ,now, years later, they see an announcement of that kind… that gives a lot of exposure to the project.

please guys help me I want to know your opinion


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BTW the contact in Waves just send me this

If there is a project that would like to partner with us to integrate æternity in an interoperability project we should not reject them I think. Currently Jelly is the first æpp on æternity that already enables interoperability through atomic swaps with Bitcoin and Ethereum @Manel @tima_t

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great to hear from you @erik.chain

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I agree with Erik

Its the time of interoperability and integrations heheh :smiley:

Hope we get this thing integrated

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so, shall we move on with the Waves team to explore it?

I feel lets wait for @yani.chain comments as well and @milenradkov.chain

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