Introduce my self

I am so happy to identify my self woth the aeternity fraternity, i am a blockchain ethuaist from Uganda and i am so happy to have been given chance to join rhe aeternity ambassodor program, i look forward to work with every one here to being aeternity to the world, thank you.


welcome :+1:t2:

Welcome @Joab, glad to see you here! Do you mind telling us a bit more about yourself and about how you found out about æternity? :slight_smile:

Thank you Mr.Erick, i hope every one is doing quite well.
I am Joab from Uganda and i so much am a block chain enthusiast. I am agraduate with a bachelors degree in psychology but this is one discipline not much appreciated in my region, so i do not practice it that much. Well i got introduced to blockchain technology way back in 2018 following the incident of scamming my brother huge amounts of money, so i wanted to find out what it is and how one could scam people like that, what i found out in curiosity was actaully that blockchain is an interesting avenue, one that gives people authority and all rights to their money, data, fare interests on loans, smart and fare contracts, i mean everything was fascinating, soon enough i found some friends representing some techs and so i always accompanied them until my self started on being an ambassador.
I get to know aeternity from medium, i found and read a text that talked good of aeternity and i dived into searching about aeternity and read the white paper and made more research and it proved to be one program that i should take to the world and so i will. I am glad that i have been given opportunity to.
Thank you.


i am Aramis Thandeka, i am here to share some thoughts with you all i hope you like