Introduce Myself


I am Engr Samest From Lagos Nigeria. I’m a electrical engineer with psychology mind, I’m an African community leader, blockchain trainer, a blogger and a community influncer. With over 3years experience on blockchaintechnology I have successfully helped so many on graphene platforms like Steemit, whaleshares, smoke, bearshares, scorum, minds, medium and many more.

I am one of the directors and I’m the CEO of My mission on this platform is to embrace this project, partner with aeternity and see the positivity that lies within the project and use it to develop ours and thereby increase the positivity attached to aeterity. We are large community with developers. We had completed so many projects on graphene platform. Our technical team was part of developer team for and we are witness on both platform including and, we also develop notification bot called afiabot which discord bot on whaleshares chain and we are still working hard with our soft experience to bring my positivity to many projects. I sighted this project and I and the team ready to work with aeternity and make sure we make our good mark on your chain.

Free to contact us and we ready to support you any day and anytime.

Several training, webinars and Meetup are on our agenda… follow me and see more information about our plans

Yours sincerely,
Engr. Samest.


Hello @samest and welcome in the Forum, we are happy to have you :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm!
We’ll be very happy to have you and your developer friends joining us and building on æternity, let us know if you need any kind of support :wink:



@ae-albena thank for welcoming me. I will love if you can connect me with one of your project developer so we can have series of questions to table down with him or her.

Engr. Samest


Hey, you can send me you questions as a reply. If I can’t answer them, I will find the answer from the relevant team member. :slight_smile: Welcome!


Thank you @ae-vlad

Here is the questions:

  1. Can we create our own tokens on Aeternity.
  2. If yes how much does it cost (fees) to create
  3. Is there a limit to how many tokens we can create if the first question is Yes
  4. Is there a transfer fee for users to transfer tokens to each other
  5. Is there the possibility for us to create accounts for our users using an API

Thank you in anticipation of your Swift response.


Here are the answers I received from the devs:

  1. Yes, contract based tokens (native tokens coming soonish).
  2. Deploy contract on localnet and check fees. The fees are generally not high.
  3. Yes, but it’s a number with more zeroes than you can count.
  4. Yes.
  5. Yes.


Awesome… Then we are good to go and take this project beyond the sky.

Watch out for team.

Thanks for your response.


You are very welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Aeternity Forum Mr Samest! Good to see you here, he was in the last meetup at lagos…