Introducing AeonNet - Tokens of Time Value and Time Streams - Winner of HumanDeFi Hackathon 2020

Dear All, @aeLuka @lukaskywalker.chain and all aeternityians,

After a brief interlude, I am really delighted to be back in action in the aeternity ecosystem. I really enjoyed coding smart contracts in Sophia with Time Value Tokens as an NFT with a basic Property Verifier together with a Hash Time Locked Contract (HTLC). This prototype is named as ‘AeonNet’. It was an double delight to win the esteemed Human DeFi Hackathon prizes for this idea.

Please find the code and concept in the following GitHub repository >>

This prototype is a step towards using Aeternity Protocol for tokenising Bitcoin Options Trading ( among other options trading possibilities ) using the power of hash time locking, time value tokenisation and time value streaming in the near future. It is also possible to build trading settlement systems using this concept. In addition to bringing the activities and assets from physical world as NFTs, AeonNet will also try to tokenise, on-chain activities and assets as fungible tokens.

It has been a solo effort so far. I am looking forward to collaborating with hello Aeternitians here to refine the prototype and deploy this into the Aeternity MainNet as a time locked bridge to bring the might of Bitcoin into the magical powers and possibilities of Aeternity !! After all, in our voyage to Aeternity, we need a lot of time locks and time machines !!

Kind Regards,
Gokul Alex


Congrats for your recent awards at the Human DeFi Haeck @gokulalex! We are very happy to welcome you to our æcosystem and we are excited to continue BUIDLing with you in 2021 :muscle: :clap: :man_technologist: