Introducing myself

My name is Chad, and I am a 20yo ambassador living in a small town in South Africa. I am a graphic editor and would like to offer my skills where possible. I have been passionate about Aeternity ever since I learned about it in 2017. I believe blockchain is the way forward and would love to get more involved by working closely with the community and assisting the team with Aeternity content. I am also interested in coding/programming and I am looking forward to making a career out of it someday.

Would love to hear back from the team

here are some of my edits


Welcome Chad. It’s great meeting you here.

Hey @Chadrlewis and welcome :slight_smile:

We can always use a good graphic editor but, as you probably know, you can also suggest a community-building campaign and get funding to execute it:



ill head over there now and take a look :relieved:
I wouldn’t really know where to start, never had a Community Campain before

Don’t worry @Chadrlewis just follow the instructions, we’ll support you wherever you need.