Introducing Team Minternity

Welcome to our humble team - Minternity :tada:

Hi :wave:
We’re Vagish and John - our goal is to make NFTs on Aeternity accessible to everyone.

We want to handle the complexities of minting NFTs while users focus on their art, community engagement, business and utility.

With Minternity, you’ll be able to launch and manage large scale NFT projects on Aeternity with ease.

Features will include:

:white_small_square:API for minting NFT’s on your own website
:white_small_square:On-demand minting, reducing upfront AE costs
:white_small_square:Payments processing and automation
:white_small_square:Intuitive web application to help you analyse your business metrics
:white_small_square:Scalable solutions to manage heavy loads

We have the domain and @Minternity Twitter handle secured.

My colleague, Vagish Vela is a strategist, developer and entrepreneur. I, John Kamal also am an entrepreneur and also work for a leading blockchain analytics firm.

We’re also glad to say that we are now the proud owners of the Minternity.chain and UnchainedMedia.chain AENS names.

We really look forward to the haeckathon and presenting our idea.

  • Team Minternity :infinity:

Hey Vagish and John,

great to hear what you’re aiming for. Can’t wait to see and judge your project! :slight_smile:

Did you see the latest update on DevPost? You’d be eligible for 100 Æ per team member if you also provide your DevPost-accounts and your æternity address / .chain name.

Not sure if the DevPost update lead you to introduce your team here as I expected you to reply to the following forum thread: Æternity Universe Two Hæckathon – Community Choice Award VOTE LIVE 🔥 (win up to 5000 Æ) - #6 by marco.chain

But anyway. Absolutely excited to see what you’ll show us!

Minternity.chain and UnchainedMedia.chain are great AENS names :wink: … btw we’re also looking for somebody to develop an AENS marketplace :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding NFTs → did you check out the NFT collection example repo? GitHub - aeternity/aex141-nft-collection-example: Simple showcase how to create an NFT collection and mint NFTs. The repo also contains a simple-nft-viewer UI.

We are very early here and mapped_metadata extension isn’t formulated “officially” right now. Also please consider that we’re discussing to avoid the zero-address for minting and burning entrypoints to be explicit and introduce Mint and Burn events instead.

See following discussion: Non-Fungible Token standard · Issue #141 · aeternity/AEXs · GitHub

I didn’t have time yet do update the NFT collection example and propose the changes to AEX-141. But it seems like we’re aiming to avoid zero-address and use Mint and Burn events instead.

Feel free to join our discussion and come up with some proposal to improve :slight_smile:

Support of NFTs in the middleware is already being addressed and @cryptodao21ae is happy to answer you questions about that :slight_smile:

=> Plan support AEX 141 (NFT) · Issue #629 · aeternity/ae_mdw · GitHub

Have a nice weekend & keep coding! :wink:


Hey @Minternity,

do you have any plans to further develop on this? Unfortunately you didn’t manage to submit a solution to the past hackathon, so I am wondering.

Keep in mind there is always the opportunity to apply for a grant of the æternity crypto foundation! :wink:

We recently updated the AEX-141 standard and provided new examples. There is also a very simple marketplace implementation to showcase how this could be implemented:

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