Introduction - Hello from Alex

Hello everyone,

I am Alex, a bioinformatics students, somehow got into the web3 world. Happy to be here to exchange knowledge and generate new ideas with y’all.

I am particular interested in the technical aspect of the blockchain tech and would love to improve in smart contracts dev. Trying to use web3 apps on my daily basis too!

Have a good one!
See you!


I am also part of the 0xCollective team. We are organizing a research and education retreat after ETH Berlin in a castle near Leipzig. We aim to facilitate understanding and developing concepts to solve Blockchain tech’s most pressing problems. It will be an application-focused event targeting high-profile researchers, developers and blockchain enthusiasts, with limited attendance capped at 50-60 participants.
Really looking forward to this event! If you are interested, feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

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