Invitation on to help youth selling their art work online by using aeternity token

Hello Family!
Once again I am so happy to be an eternity ambassador which has changed my life for good :smiley:
Helping youth group

has invited me to talk at their event on 10/11/2020 to educate the local youth group on how they can sell their product online and get paid via crypto, They are developing their e-commerce site and I advise them that they can utilize aeternity protocol on handling transaction and resolving transaction dispute by using escrow use case. If it goes well I and my local developer community will figure out how we can build a local aeternity exchanger just like local bitcoin with an agent that can buy aeternity in exchange for local currency.

Representing aeternity to local youth group
local enterprise.

LOCATION: American English club, Uhindini street, Dodoma, Tanzania
TIME END: 6:00pm(EAT)


Hello Family!
Once again thank you every body for comment and show love to my events :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it gives me heart and motivation to keep doing and keep improving,on Tuesday 10/11/2020 i have attended the local youth meet -up on my city at American English club ,which has been attended by local youth all of them are graduate from different university(with no computer background) aged bettween 20-35 and they are 25 of them, but they have no Jobs ,so they decided to form local group to help themselves out by selling staffs online,I talked with their leaders and tell them the possibility of solving problem with transaction by using the Aeternity blockchain.
I was then invited to talk because most of them have never heard of word block chain( :flushed: :flushed:),I ended the meet-up with questions and answer(most of them are very basic and non technical) can my account get hacked?How do i sell crypto to get my fiat? and so on…
Here is the picture and video of events !

and also here is you tube link for the video


Wow that is so awesome to hear and see @jeremiah99!! :clap::clap:
I hope they can now use to promote their artwork in the internet :smiley:

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For sure! @erik.chain.

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