Iris sophia anonymous transfer

Iris It’s been out for a while, when can we add some examples?
For example, use Sophia for anonymous transfer AE


I’m not sure what you refer to when you say “anonymous transfer AE”? All new features should be tested in aeternity node repository - that could be a starting point.


Isn’t this anonymous and multi-signed?

Teacher, I said this, this needs an example


The crypto primitives are there. I agree that it would be great to have an example for that. I recently talked to @gokulalex who might be the right candidate to take a look into this. But he is already working on another grant as far as I know.

The team cannot provide everything. The community is encouraged to play around with all features and provide feedback.


It would be nice to have an example
Suggest more examples, post a bounty, on Sophia @erik.chain
Since Sophia is a functional programming language, most programmers don’t know it well enough to get started. Examples will be easy to use


I think to build something meaningful here people need to understand how ZKP work. this is not just a trivial example.

but I agree that it makes sense to set up a bounty to create an application, e.g. for ZKP based token transfers of AEX-9 tokens


I think baixin.chain’s request is a reasonable and very important request . In my opinion, as a new thing , should appear with demo , and others can study it as soon as possible, Do you think so ?

I hope the core development should reply and finish this request . All community are waitting .


I can understand your point and I wish we had different demos for multiple features. In fact we are also lacking of cool demos for generalized accounts and state channels right now. You either need to wait until somebody (not necessarily the team) decides to develop something or you go hands on and do it yourself.

I was also always hoping for somebody to develop the stuff but it never really took off for whatever reason. I think providing a bounty like mentioned above makes sense.

What I can at least tell you is that a friend of mine is working on a simple multisig account demo for generalized accounts. That will be released together with the version 3.0.0 of the java sdk.


It is reasonable to increase the reward, because AE examples are different from ETH examples, and there is no reference, I have many good ideas but do not know how to start. If the AE community is ever going to be as big as ETH, it would surely make more sense for the community to develop its own examples.
@erik.chain Can you post some rewards? I’d like to give an example to my teacher.@hanssv.chain His Sophia is great


Agree with you , at the same time , I hope ACF and core development consider carefully 。

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There are a couple of different dimensions to this discussion.

I think the crypto primitives added to Sophia are rather self-explanatory. However, using said primitives to do advanced cryptography, like ZK-proofs, is a completely different beast. I have a rudimentary understanding of pairing cryptography, and I know a little bit about the primitive operations - from there to doing something usable with it is a pretty big step. One idea could be to take an existing concept and port it - maybe that is the best idea - still it would be a pretty big undertaking. Anyone have an existing concept project that would be interesting?

My other question would be what having an arbitrary example would solve? Are people doing this as some sort of school exercise? I.e. they are happy to get something running, not so important what it does? Or, are people actually trying to implement a particular idea? If so, what is stopping them? Is the problem that they can’t program? Then learn. Is the problem that they don’t understand ZK-proofs? Then learn. Unless the example happen to solve exactly the problem you wish to solve you still have to learn at the end of the day. Maybe, the then learn time could be spent producing an example that could help others!



Personally I think StarkWare is doing very interesting things. They developed which and introduced StarkNet, a layer 2 network (Hello, StarkNet — Cairo documentation). There is also a dedicated explorer available for it:

This would definitely a very big undertaking to transport the concepts.

In general I would like to see an example that allows to anonymously transfer AEX-9 tokens. Maybe somebody here is willing to learn as Hans described and develop and publish such example.


Extending this topic with following example I just found:

Might be interesting for anonymous airdrops e.g. based on social activities.


Hi @marco.chain , could you please suggest the multi signature wallets supported by Aeternity Post iRIS fork. This is to protect my current grant on priority.

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Not sure if there was a ready to use multisig wallet available before Iris but I guess nothing change in that regards as far as I know.

What exactly do you need and why is this affecting your grant? We can also continue in personal messages as this is a bit off-topic :smiley:


@gokulalex can you please share some thoughts about your minimum requirements in regards to multisig wallets?

the thing is we can have multiple ways to do multisig. we can and will prioritize to provide sth. in this area. if you can point me / us to a specific example how you would like to see it implemented that would be great.