Irish æternity group meet up 26th sep, Kino Cinema


Looking forward to a great night


Good luck tonight! Looking forward to photos! If any questions pop out during the event that you are unsure of how to answer - let me know here! :slight_smile:



Had a great night,main questions was when can business use a tester or accept main, I have number of current business and I was also approached by 2 Blockchain Startups tonight looking for an intro to the team and network, @erik93 @ae-vlad
Its probably worth mentioning our city is aiming towards being the first cashless city for the last few years, so maybe this is why adoption seems natural,
By coincidence there was a someone(not there for the meet up) of the public putting 50 euro notes in the BTC ATM for about 20 mins, I think this peaked a little more interest from the older business people
all good great session,


Hey @Newocork22,

Thanks for those great pictures! And make sure to direct those blockchain startups to æternity’s incubator which will soon start accepting the next batch of projects.

Best regards,