Is aeternity ideal as a data stream market place?

I’m new to aeternity, but I’d like to ask a complicated question about it for the dev team and anyone else who feels they can answer it.

Is aeternity an ideal platform to use as a data stream market place?

Let me very briefly define a few attributes of what I mean by “Data Steam Market Place” just so we’re on the right page.

In a data stream market, a consumer wants his data and he wants it immediately. He also wants to be assured that the data he paid for is what he’s getting. He doesn’t need to be assured of this right away because it’s a ‘data stream,’ typically a contract through time. But eventually, he needs to be assured that what he bought was what others bought.

The seller wants to sell her data stream to individual consumers until it’s leaked an made public. That means she needs a mechanism whereby she can give some assurance or indication as to which order her subscribers are sent the information. In a world of automation where time is money these kinds of concerns mater.

Consider this in the context of a prediction market - many nodes of the network are competing to predict the price of many commodities in real time, all the time. Since the amount of information anyone node can consume at any given instant is smaller, much smaller than the amount of information available he must be choosy. He buys the first position in the things that are most correlated with what he’s chosen to predict and higher/later positions in more long-term indicators. Thus he has optimized his data consumption in order to minimize costs, and maximize predictive power.

Anyway, hopefully, that example kind of described where I’m coming from with this question.