Is investing a good business idea?

What do you think about cryptocurrency?

I guess users registered here because they have good attitude to crypto :slight_smile: or what do you mean?

Sure, if you’re willing to risk losing money. Crypto is the future and I am not allowed to officially make a financial advise. I thought this was about the ae foundation investing their money, which they are doing a good job of with the ae ventures starfleet program. Should they do more, I don’t know

Investing is not a business idea, because investing is not a business, it is just speculation

If you invest into a company and that company is giving you equity in return (or “interest”) its quite a business. If you buy stocks on the stock market from lets say Mercedes, and Mercedes makes profit, you’ll get a part of that profit as “interest”.

So investing can be quite a business.

Business must create something new and generating value from selling goods or services . Investing doesn’t create something new, exept % from your debt. It’s like lite version of bank credit, because you return money for it only if you have profit, but it is still credit and parasiting on economics, without any real reinforcements of money, so you simply encourage inflation and a cyclical economy with periods of recession and growth, and this in turn hits people.
Therefore, I consider business only that which creates a good (either goods or services), investment looks more like a tax penalty for the successful emergence of new goods.