Is IPFS compatible with æternity?so that next time we can hold the meetup or conference together


Hi,community members.
I am an aeternity ambassador from china.
i visited the last week ,they are ipfs enthusiasts , they have a very good community and hold lots of meetups and conferences across the nation.
ipfs provide distributed blockchain storage solution, so i want to know if Aeternity can some connect point to them ,so that next time we can hold the meetup or conference together.

I’m not sure if IPFS is compatible with æternity, Is anybody kown about ipfs and can provide me some suggestions?



Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support.

Please contact @erik93 or @julioalexo and they will answer all your questions about meetups and partnerships.

Best regards,


Generally sounds like a great idea, I personally love what the IPFS people are doing! :slight_smile:


Maybe we should try our ambassadors to do meet ups together with others. Go on buddy!


Hey, let’s try to do co-organize something with the IPFS guys!

In terms of compatibility - IPFS can be implemented in all kinds of solutions, so I think compatibility is not an issue.


yep,The file of proof aepp can make a copy store to ipfs server.

i’m collecting more infos ,so what else examples can ipfs implement to aeternity ?

and why ipfs?


The IPFS guys have worked on decentralizing storage for a number of years now. They are creating a solution for data storage that could be implemented by a whole array of decentralized applications. It would be great to partner up and develop dev resources for easy IPFS implementation in æternity’s smart contract languages (in the future). A co-organized meetup could be the start of a long-lasting and fruitful friendship between two cool projects. :blush:


sorry, it would be nice if we can have it more specific and practical.:kissing_closed_eyes:


I would suggest to first see if we can co-organize a great meetup and then see where we can go from there. There are many possible cooperation paths.


alright. thanks .i will do what i can do to make it go ahead.


If you need any help - let me know or directly ping Eric.