Is it possible to avoid web socket completely?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to avoid the websocket connection completely but still maintaining the states on FSM? Like in my use case I have the following requirements:

Client A forms the half signed message and send it to client B over http, which client B can sign it and hence making full signed transaction and can then update the FSM?

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I see you want

  +-+ +------> +-+
  |A|          |B|
  +-+ <------+ +-+

While the current setup is

+-+    +-----+   noise   +-----+         +-+
|A+----+FSM A+-----------+FSM B+---------+B|
+-+    +-----+           +-----+         +-+

   WebSocket                    WebSocket

Once we can produce off-chain transactions client side, your approach would be a viable solution. Currently there are some pain points, namely regarding producing off-chain transactions:

  • contract calls must be executed client side so the client must be able to run the FATE VM. This is doable but hard.
  • contract calls can use on-chain data in their logic, so the client must have the full on-chain state tree or a reasonably fast way to fetch data from on-chain state tree and feed it to the contract execution context. This also is doable but possibly harder as the on-chain state tree is big and also - rapidly changing.

If you want just to ditch the WebSocket between A and FSM A, you can read my response in the other thread:

yes i just want to ditch the websocket and do not want FSM to be maintain at client side cause that will have its own pain as you mentioned.