Is offchain FSM state synced across the network in statechannel?


Can clients reconnect to a channel from different nodes which they never have never been connected to earlier?

For example, Alice is connected to Ae-node1 and Bob is connected to Ae-node2 in a network of 5 nodes. Let;s say Alice and Bob established a channel with id ch1 and done few rounds of transaction offchain. Now, say, Bob decided to disconnect from Ae-node2 and later when he came back he decided to connect to node 3. Then, can he reconnect to ch1 and joins back with the same state?

If yes, which means the finite offchain states are synced across all the nodes then what about privacy? Are these states are encrypted?


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Nope, at the moment it is not possible. We had discussed this many times and we do need it. I’ve tracked it as a GitHub issue: