Is there a currently running aeternity AirDrop? When will the AirDrop take place?


I am wondering if there is an AirDrop organized by aeternity that is currently running, since a number of telegram groups and Facebook profiles are trying to promote it.

If there isn’t an AirDrop, when will you organize it? I see it is part of the Roadmap on your website.

Aeternity airdrop

Hello @food-for-thought,

There is NO currently running AirDrop organized by the æternity team. We have not yet organized the one that is part of the Roadmap.

Most probably the AirDrop will take place around the time of the last scheduled hard fork of the æternity protocol (September 2). This is so, because it will be easier to perform the AirDrop once token migration has been finalized.

Do not be fooled by scammers who want to convince you there is an AirDrop running. Always check the official æternity channels (at least 3 of them) to make sure the information is genuine. If still unsure - asking in the Forum is the best way forward.