Is there any MuSig smart contract Standard in Aeternity?


I would like to ask if there is any Multisig Wallet standard exists for Aeternity? I would like to purpose if not as I have worked on a smart contract of Multiple Signatures based Pre-sale and tested it in different scenarios with more than 20 tests.


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@genievot you might want to have a look at this :slight_smile:

we’re working on a simple multisig contract which uses generalized account feature of aeternity. contract code is being audited right now


but that’s not enough, we need a management ui for this which will are about to start working on.

regardless of that @hanssv.chain started working on a musig implementation which allows to perform 2-of-2, 3-of-3 multisig transactions based on schnorr signatures:

it’s not documented yet. not 100% sure about the state and he is currently busy with other things.

for n-of-m (2-of-4) schnorr based multisig we’d need a change in the protocol first.

we know multisig is needed and we’re working on it :wink:

independently of that, feel free to share your code! :slight_smile: though I wouldn’t recommend anybody to use multisig contracts which haven’t been carefully audited. we saw how this worked out back then in the Parity horror scenarios which also aeternity suffered from :frowning:

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Thanks, Erik.

It seems that this post was based on signing a transaction through a single wallet (got from 2 wallets off-chain) and not decisions on contract-based (accept/revoke, x out of y, etc.) transactions.

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I completed this work a month ago with sufficient tests to satisfactory results in the end,

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well, this horror In this context has nothing to do, because we initialize the contract the moment we deploy. Effectively defining owners and other parameters.