Is there any other running IRIS test nodes to connect?

I am testing the Iris candidate version.

It seems that I am running and mining myself lonely :smiley:



Well yes, there is no iris-testnet that is publicly available but node operators can sync with each other. They only need to add each other in the peers section of the aeternity.yaml.

That you don’t find other nodes means mostly that you have not configured the peers in the yaml. The node is smart enough to differentiate between networks, so if the network id is:

  • ae_mainnet - it automatically adds some main net nodes
  • ae_uat - it automatically adds some testnet nodes

In any other case the node considers that this is a local test and does not add any peers by default. This is really handy if you don’t want other nodes’ states to interfere with your test :slight_smile: So no surprise you don’t have any peers to talk to.

If someone volunteers to join your network, they could simply add those to the config like this:

    - "aenode://<peer_pubkey>@<peer_address>:<peer_port>"


  • peer_pubkey is the the peer pub key. You can get that by using the appropriate endpoint: /v3/peers/pubkey (it was present in the old API but we should be using the new one now)
  • peer_address is the publicly reachable IP of the host
  • peer_port is the exposed port, by default this is 3015 on the node but there might be port forwarding in place

Have fun testing!


Got it~thanks!


can you share your yaml config and peer information, then I can join you


Thanks so much, it seems fine in my local node now, and I can check the new features.