Is there any plan to extend the expiration time of AENS

@Yani.chain Mr. Yani, your name is about to expire.
Please renew in time. :smile: :smile: :smile:

@marc0olo Is there any plan to extend the expiration time of AENS, 100 days is too short for most people. I think it should be changed to six months or longer. People may miss renewal for AENS because they are busy for a while, which sounds like a bad thing.

Hi @bigtree.chain,

if there is an active base aepp connection it is already possible to extend names within œnalytics!

You can read our article where the Live-Demo and the slides of the presentation are linked:

Forgive my negligence, I just used an active base to connect, and I can really expand the name. Thank you so much. @marc0olo

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in the near future you will also be able to claim names / participate in auctions and with the upcoming hardfork we want to introduce sth to incentivize other users to extend names of others, stay tuned! :wink:

that’s a good question! I can tell you that we will introduce that with the upcoming hardfork of æternity! :slight_smile:

a smart contract will then hold the name on behalf of you and other users will be able to extend your name. of course you need to set some reward - otherwise they probably won’t do that.

  • we will probably also implement some fallback mechanism where we will extend your name for a fixed fee (if the contract holds enough AE from you) if other users didn’t extend your name let’s say 10 blocks before it would expire

what do you think about that? (please include english translation e.g. using


Sounds great, looking forward to the next hard fork. :grin: