Issue about Aeternity Migration

Dear Team,

I have migrated to ERC20 AE Tokens from Myetherwallet to Binance Exchange wallet having addess Starts with (ak_) through MEW Connect.subsequently, after the block confirmation all my tokens have been transfered to AE Token Contract (Transaction Details Enclosed) but these tokens are not credited to my binance exchange wallet address


When I have checked migrated status on website, it shows that I have Migrated 0.0AE Tokens (Enclosed)

Please let me know, when my migrated tokens will reflect on binance Exchange wallet?

Transfered From: 0xaef19187b09e848455230dade4dcec246bb96644

AE Token Contract address:



Since Binance is doing the migration for you, please get in touch with them an ask them when your tokens will become available. Binance has not yet announced AE Mainnet token trading, so it is possible that they are still working on distributing the migrated AE tokens to the relevant user accounts.