Issue Connecting to the External API on a Node

I’m trying to access the external API but it doesn’t seem to be returning any response. I’m using the aeternity/aeternity docker image and just running it with the base configuration specified here.

The node is running and syncing blocks, but the API just returns an empty response every time. I exec into the container and try to connect to the API at port 3013 (curl localhost:3013) but get an empty response every time. Is there something special I have to do to get the API running?

I will say, the node is not fully synced yet, so maybe it has to finish that first, but that would be surprising.

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Maybe using aeternal could solve this, but that seems excessive if the only thing I’m looking for is historical block difficulty.

It works! Turns out its just an empty response on routes that aren’t defined, so curl localhost:3013/api works.