It seems that Base æpp Wallet is down

Some users asked for help that the Base æpp Wallet is down.

It seems that is out of service.

Thank you for signaling @LiuYang.chain
Developers are aware and working on resolving the issue.

You can use this node:

i have a problem with conecting the ledger on base aepp, it shows me Ledger is not connected or the request was not confirmed. I also mention that i have the last updates on ledger.i want to move my coins on a exchange and i cannot.Can you tell me what do to?Thanks

@andu Make sure you updated your firmware, there was an update recently I think. Let me know if this helped.

Its the latest update, just done it today

@andu what operating system are you using? I had a discussion recently with somebody on Telegram who also had problems. the problem only occured on Linux to him

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ok, I just saw this again.

here an update:

sorry for the trouble! will keep you informed when Ledger can be used again

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What puzzled me was that base wallet could not initiate a transfer service.

Middleware is not available, some functionality may not work properly.

I can confirm that transferring out on the web is not working for me as well. The mobile application work without any problems (at least on iphones)

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The error occurred in both versions 1.01 and 1.02.