Java SDK error language


I’m building a Swift version of the Java SDK to use in iOS apps and several times I got errors which are returned in Bulgarian. I didn’t manage to find any resources in the Java SDK with hardcoded message or other resource in Bulgarian in general so I think that the backend is returning the error in that language. If that is the case then I’ll need to do my own error handling and error description for the users. This means that I need to know all the errors that could be returned by the backend so I can map them. Does such a resource exist anywhere as I was not able to find it ?

I’m attaching a screenshot of one error I received during development of tests for the AccountService:

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@marco.chain could you please help out here with this question regarding the Java SDK?

all I can say is that there is certainly nothing hardcoded in Bulgarian :sweat_smile: also this is not returned by the node this way :grin:

I am not sure how to help out here with the given information. the error seems to be related to a generated open api client

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I’ve tried changing the language of the simulator when running the tests and indeed the language of the error also changed. It seems that “error.localizedDescription” is being used before finally printing the error result.

Thanks for your help!