Johannesburg Meetup ( Introduction to Aeternity and Blockchain 101 course)

MEETUP ( Introduction to Aeternity and Blockchain 101 course)
General Description

DATE: March 13, 2020

I plan on Attending the Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg South Africa where i plan to represent Æternity from 11th to 12th March.

After this i hope i aim to organize a side meetup on 13th March close to the conference location and bring people from the conference who are interested in the topic.

The aim is to find interested parties with the potential of becoming the South African æmbassador.

This day we will be working with basics about Blockchain, Aeternity potential, smart contracts and aepps development.

Blockchain Enthusiasts and techies based in South Africa…

LOCATION: (Venue), Del Forno Melville, Spar Complex, Johannesburg, South Africa

TIME START: 5 pm South African time
TIME END: 6 pm South African time


Great @Yvonne, hope you enjoy your trip to South Africa! Make sure to wear an æternity t-shirt and send us pictures from the conference as well here :smiley:

Great @Yvonne, I know you will make a killing.
Lots of pictures so we can celebrate you with them. Go lady :rocket::rocket:

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Ae T shirts seem a hot item in Africa

Unfortunately i had to cancel the trip to South Africa as well as the meet up due to the recent cases and increase of cases of Corona virus in the country. Apologies for this.

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