Joven Bugay Introduction

Hi, I’m Joven Bugay. I’m currently an Information Technology student and a freelancer at the same time. I discovered blockchain through my friend way back in 2016. At that time he introduces me cryptocurrency trading at first and later on I became interested to various blockchain related projects. The main reason why it caught my interest is because of its decentralization, security, transparency and high speed which dominates over centralized transactions which we mostly use from the past years until today. In the past four years in crypto, I was able to be an ambassador, a translator, a community manager, a blog writer, and a moderator. I’m here at aeternity not just because I’ve seen huge potential on it but to also improve my skill’s complexity in providing useful contents and services to various communities including this one.


Great to have you here @Jovs! We are glad to have you join us as our first æmbassador for the Philippines, maybe @theScientress.chain would like to talk to you as well :smiley: