Just my two cents

First, and foremost, æternity project is great. That aside, the suggestion/bitching part about adoption.


Most developers can come from two camps:

A) Hobby & Research.

For a non-functional programmer, Sophia can be really heavy to read and to figure out how to do things. The suggestion is to create better Sophia documentation. Better Sophia language explanations, and examples. Probably side by side extracts with popular languages like python, java, .net. and solidity. So developers can extrapolate. Examples/Extracts should have 100% coverage on the language capabilities and external includes (“List.aes”, “Option.aes”, etc.).

B) Commercial Developers

I think, there is some glue missing, some person or role, that get developers needs and figure out the impact on the project and how it can be done. Developers of the æternity project are open source driven, so, when someone else came with a need, they say, hey just code it. That works for Group A, this Group B need another type of attention, and IMHO is tied to the success of the platform.


To get the ball rolling on public blockchains, at the end of the day, the difference is the price. and that part of the equation is missing from any presentation.

From a Business Perspective:

  • Price relation against competitors: Ethereum, Tron, RSK, etc.
  • Scaling solutions in the pipeline explained. Channels could be great for some use cases but others require other Layer-2 solutions.
  • Lifetime, and what kind of insurance exists.

Hey @mpiva

Thank you for your feedback.



Thanks, Albena.

The price in question is not the coin price, but the price it costs to run a smart contract through the network… Some estimates can be made, that what I’m referring to.

Maybe do not publish the cost of running the same smart contract in different networks, but, the relation, for sure.

You could say something like, the cost of running a smart contract is one order of magnitude cheaper than running on the ethereum network.


I think this is a great idea. Likely the reason this kind of information/study has not been made available is a lack of resources. Hopefully someone in the community sees the benefit and has the time to put something like this together.