Kano Dev Hangout

Yesterday Di-Hub hosted the meetup in Kano state. I was so excited because Di-hub is also responsible for training and mentoring startups in Kano. They invited some developers in the state and also some of their subscribers who are also developers for the meetup. Aeternity is the first blockchain platform to meet with them and to also introduce them to blockchain coding. I gave an overview of the aeternity platform and what aeternity in doing in terms of having a robust blockchain ecosystem and also helping startups.
I introduced them to dacade.org and some of them signed up immediately and promised to look at aeternity101 on dacade.
They have a number solutions they want to see if its possible to add some blockchain functionalities and deploy on aeternity. I asked them to reach out if they need help or have any challenge in regards to using sophia or anything relating to aeternity’s documentation. IMG_20190627_101904_1