Kenya in the house - better late than never :)

Hi all! My name is Jason Eisen, I’m the Founder and CEO of UTU Technologies. I’m also the founder and Chairman of MARAMOJA transport, and UTU House: Home of AI and Blockchain in Nairobi. I’m ALSO super late joining the fun on æ forum as I’ve been a part of the community since the first Starfleet! I’m not much of a “forums guy” but I’ll do my best to share my knowledge and experience when it’s relevant and admit my ignorance when necessary (likely often).

I’m here because about 7 years ago, I had an idea, like any other idea that might come to you on a given day. The difference is I jumped on that particular idea. I moved from an easy life as a well-paid consultant in Washington, DC to Nairobi, Kenya to found the first taxi app in Africa, all the way back in 2013 (This business is now scaling across Africa through a pioneering franchise model)!

In putting this idea into practice in the complicated environs of Nairobi, I had a moment of clarity that berthed a vision of a more trusted internet. An internet built on mechanisms of trust grounded IN our humanity rather than the currently ubiquitous digital proxies of trust that we’ve come to accept despite their inadequacies, lack of relevance to real-world trust, and susceptibility to large-scale manipulation and abuse. It was an idea for a new form of trust infrastructure for our digital lives, both decentralized and centralized. An idea that would put individuals back in control of their data, help put that data to work for them, and generally build a safer, more trust means for people to gather, share, learn, work, and trade online. Everything built around you, and your relationships, your real world understanding of trust.

We decided to build on æternity in 2018 when we came to understand the power of their technology, which we judged superior to any alternative that we saw. The strength of their team and community, especially the AE Ventures and our Starfleet companions, and their relentless belief in African projects and markets, sealed the deal for us. We’ve never looked back.

Forgive my lateness to the party, but glad to be here.

æ forever!



Hello Jason @utuman, we’re so happy you finally joined us here :slight_smile:

Thank you for this introduction! Here’s to many fruitful discussions here :slight_smile: